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It’s a routine Monday afternoon at work., but there is something you are excited about. You’ve planned a dream holiday starting this weekend. To this place you’ve always wanted to travel to, this beautiful island with crystal clear turquoise waters shimmering over fine silver sand, ravished by towering tropical mountains spread across the terrain. You are thrilled and can’t wait to get there and soak up the evening sun, staring at the horizon. And put your body to the test on that hard but gratifying trek up the peak to experience that alluring orange sunrise above the waters far away. You snap back to reality, the present - staring at your screen, with about 10 more emails left to conclude your Monday’s work. You have a smile on you and a smirk even your colleague can notice, but only you know why. But it doesn’t matter, you are in a happy space with bundles of energy. Your mind’s working faster, and you have very few complaints. Everything feels beautiful, everything is pleasant. Save this picture of you. We’ll get back there.

Twelve days passed, it’s the last day of your amazing trip on that beautiful Island. It’s Saturday evening by the beach, beneath the million starry sky. Lounging by the sea, you are pondering about everything but the present - thoughts about responsibilities back home, about unsolved problems, about the normal routine starting once more. The beautiful beach doesn’t feel the same as in the beginning. You hardly notice the stars. You fail to remember that you are on this breathtaking Island, so lost in thoughts about what’s later, that you need someone to nudge you to come back to earth. However, the energy and vibe you feel deep in don’t live up to what it was earlier. Save a picture of this too.

Look deeper into what's happening with both these situations. In the first, on a normal Monday at work, you dream about being surrounded by the awe of nature on your amazing trip, and then you snap back into the day’s work. Somehow the positive energy and vibe spread through the rest of the day, and what your conscious mind assumes as a normal day, actually turns out to be happy and energetic. Though you’re not on the Island, you are already content and buoyant. Jump to ‘Saturday evening’ on the amazing Island - the second situation, your thoughts race to concerns you have limited control on, and matters that stress you. Somehow this dullness and anxiety escalate on to the rest of the evening. You’re actually on the Island of your dream but probably only in body. In both these situations you’ve allowed your thoughts of what’s ahead affect the present, initially brightening a normal Monday at work and later stressing a leisure Saturday evening. One is desirable and the other is not, but surprisingly the desirable happy day is not on the holiday and the dim evening is on the Island.

What if this need not be the case, what if you can stay joyous and energetic irrespective of you being on a holiday or not. You’ve experienced in both these circumstances, your physical presence or instantaneous existence doesn’t completely define

your mood. How we actually feel is controlled by what we let in and what we do about it. Being alive to the moment ‘no matter what it is – work, play, daily routines and anything and everything’ , completely immersing yourself in that action with energy and positivity can turn any perceived normal or dull moment into contentment and satisfaction . Well you might argue that you are forced to think about certain things in life and have responsibilities - you couldn’t help it. But what if we are just giving ourselves an excuse, and don’t we love being a victim? We humans are experts in reasoning out anything and everything for our convenience, most times blaming, worrying about things out of our control.

Aren’t we? 99% of the times we mistake worrying about the future to preparing and planning for the future. These two are altogether different things. It’s healthy to plan and take actions in the present hoping to have a bearing on future outcomes, but plain thinking about future outcomes is actually energy wasted on nothing and can be defined as worrying, leading to anxiety and negativity. Let’s take a simple and basic example - all of us have taken exams in life right. Imagine you have an important paper to write next week. There’re lot of future plans and goals hanging on to the outcome of the paper. Now, thinking about the results, the repercussions, the what-ifs, pondering about the number of times you procrastinated, remembering and regretting the number of days you’ve wasted in the past are all nothing but worrying about by-gones and the yet-to-comes. In-fact all that matters is - doing something at this moment helping the preparation. It can be opening up the books and studying or taking a pen and jotting down a plan of action. Basically the now-actions are all that matter - how we use the present moment. And the toughest part is getting started, once we take that first step whole-heartedly, the rest flows. Am sure all of us have experienced that zone when we are so immersed in our preparation that we are actually loving it. In that instance we forget about the real exam. We are so passionately involved in the task at hand. That’s the ‘real’ – ‘being in the present’.

It’s the same when you are so immersed in your work, you forget that annoying boss, you forget the deadline, you forget it’s time for some lunch. It’s just you and what’s in front of you. Your instincts take over, your conscious and subconscious are one and the same, this is the most productive you’ll ever be. You are in the moment and nothing else matters – absolutely loving the zone you are in. That’s being ‘Naturally High’!!

The same in sport as well. You are in the middle of a cricket game, thinking about the possibilities, the pressure and what is to happen next rather than just putting all your energy into the only thing which actually matters – the present. The ball you facing or delivering, and nothing else – cause this is the one and only thing you can control. And controlling that to the best of your ability will define the next instance – the future. It’s always one ball at a time. That’s being in the zone. The great players stay in that zone for longer and more consistently than all the others. No matter what we are faced with in life, this holds true. We are never defined by what is in front of us, we are always defined by how we approach the present. That’s being ‘Naturally High’!! Many of us confuse being ‘fully in the present’ as being careless about what is ahead. It’s actually being aware of both the past and future yet staying in this moment – the present.

“If the majority of your energy and time is spent thinking, worrying – ‘about what’s ahead, then you ain’t doing enough in the present for ‘the ahead’. Only your action in the present, can have any sort of bearing for the ahead, and not your plain thoughts.”

Being happy and ‘Naturally High’ is not limited to the general accepted ways of fun and relaxation. It can be anything and everything including your work, relationships and daily routines – If only you are fully engaged in that instance. But why do we connect better and faster to certain situations and instances! That’s cause positively activating our physical and mental states, gets us there quicker. It’s easier being fully immersed in these situations - the ones which take our body and mind on a rush. It’s that feeling you get when you go skydiving, after the initial free-fall when you’re drifting back down to the ground. It’s the feeling of waking up in a foreign place. Naturally High can be watching the sunset in a brand-new scene. It’s sipping a cold beverage after running your first marathon. It’s doing something you’ve never done before. Naturally High can be seeing your newborn child for the first time or even taking your dog to the park for a morning walk. It’s that connection you feel with a random stranger. That spark. It’s the same feeling when you are in your zone at work, forgetting everything around you. It is a sense of peace and freedom, and heightened awareness. A vibration of gratitude and love. It’s that consciousness-expanding level of euphoria can be naturally cultivated by you every day.

Naturally High is not just that feeling you search for occasionally. Naturally High is the lifestyle.

Naturally High Is not just about doing something exciting all the time, it is about making the best of the present.

Naturally High is not about being Selfish, is being Selfless.

Naturally High is not about forgetting everything, it’s about being everything.

Naturally High is being in the flow, when your mind and body is perfectly in sync - knowing that you are exactly where you are supposed to be, doing exactly what you are meant to do. It’s about being completely immersed in the moment.

….to be continued

-----Stay Naturally High, Stay in the Moment---

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