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The Evidence of the existence of species of this berry can be found dated back to the beginning of time itself but the original Avocado that we consume today can be found in the land of Mesoamerican civilization, the land we call today as Mexico.

Before we directly jump to the whole aura of avocado smoothies, we’ve got to know the origin story of it (Like it’s some sort of super-hero ; well it is for our bodies though). Now don’t be bored over the history as to why we need to learn it and why not just directly eat the damn fruit (Yes, its a fruit not a vegetable), To answer that question we must quote the great Marcus Garvey (Don’t bother asking who he was), “The One without the knowledge of the history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots”.

So, back to our lesson. The Avocado gained popularity when the Spanish colonized South America and took back the berry back to Europe (Well, at least something good happened with the conquest). The term ‘Avocado’ was coined by an Irish Naturalist, Sir Hans Sloane back in 1696.

George Washington found it in West Indies and really loved it. Then Henry Perrine (A Horticulturist) got it back to Florida, America back in 1833.

In India, it was not popularized directly but rather through Sri Lanka and entering through South India to Sikkim (As the berry cannot bear the hot dry climate).

That’s it for the antiquity of this superhero/food. The Avocados were always famous for being included in the salads, but it was not until the early 21st Century that it got added into the smoothies (Since the Millenials like to experiment a lot, and I mean a lot).

Now there are such recipes of avocado smoothies that you can’t even think of, from blueberry to coffee to chocolate peanut butter avocado smoothies. Just not that, we here in Drunken Monkey has over 200+ varieties of smoothies. Now who would have known that this ancient berry has the power to blend into almost anything.

Like Spiderman’s uncle said, “With great superfood comes great super benefits” (Oh, let's just assume he said that late Stan Lee would agree with us). This superfood has the power to strengthen you in terms of getting yourself to a level of ultimatum towards having healthy hair; thanks to Vitamin E (Maybe just like the ones in the Garnier’s ads); great eye vision, again behold the Vitamin E ( We are not promising anything like the sort of Superman’s eyes); delaying the skin ageing process (Now haven’t we all asked our magic mirror the snow-white question); Strong Bones, thanks to Vitamin D (Again, Nothing like the sort of Wolverine); healthy muscles, bless the potassium (We think it was avocado, not green gamma rays that transformed hulk, no kidding).

This superfood is so super that some might say it's quite superficial, it turns out it is a part of its own super league (Ah! Too much Superiority). But isn’t it great that all of this and many more are trapped in a single berry (Or fruit, or superfood, whatever you’d like to call it there’s no rule) and these powers are disguised in beautiful ancient form and the smoothies are just a boost towards a healthy lifestyle that humankind deserves.

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