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Remember those days when you used to study for the exams all day long and also all night long but nothing used to register in your brain? And you would get frustrated and give up? There was a simple solution to that which involved ‘Taking a break’.

Taking a break would count as, playing games for a certain amount of time, taking a small nap, visiting a friend’s house or watching a movie.

Well, the same thing applies here, as you go through a strict healthy diet for various reasons that you might have; you might get a little frustrated to have something to cheat on, which is where we introduce you to our ‘Something Special’ category. Well, the goal is to stick to the restricted diet for as long as possible unless it becomes your daily appetite.

To achieve that goal it is ‘okay’ to have a reward-based strategic diet plan that involves giving yourself brief period of ‘Something Special’ to cheat on. In that case, it is possible in a long term that you will love your diet and stick to it as we know that weight management can be a very difficult and complicated process, so sticking to a strategic diet is the primary goal.

But when you are dedicated to a strict diet like the Ketogenic diet that does not provide any flexibility for a cheat day then the strategy for a cheat day diet should not be used, else it may not show the results you want to achieve at the end of the day.

But lucky for you that we provide such smoothies that can fulfil the craving of your heart and soul. And in that process can provide you with a little amount of calories than the rest of your indulgence out there. Our category of ‘Something Special’ involves the likes of dates, nuts, caramel, boring but amazing fresh fruits and of course the mighty Nutella and many more.

We have thought through it as cheat day smoothies will vary from person to person in terms of taste.

Our simple theory is that by sticking to strategic cheat diet by indulging yourself in the smoothies that are not a part of your restricted diet, it is highly likely that you will strictly stick to your planned healthy diet. By doing this there can be two paths that can be drawn, the one would be that ‘People can resist their temptation knowing that their planned cheat day is coming up’ or ‘People can completely indulge themselves into the cheat diet and get lost in the beauty of it’. If the latter takes place then there is one solution of backing out of the whole deal and start over again. (At least we got you covered in the taste part of it)

So it is ‘Okay’ to take a break from a restricted diet just like it is ‘okay’ to take a nap before your biggest test. But it would be perfect if it is strategically planned and you are not too much indulged in it, otherwise, we all know the result would be excessive calories in terms of your diet and a poor performed test in terms of your examination.

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