Detox: An important detour for your health!!

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What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘detox’?

Removing the toxic substances from your body, right? Detox is the perfect and important detour for your health! Let’s dive into our lifestyles a bit and try to freshen up by the end of this article!!

Be a student or a working professional, as the years pass by, we tend to overlook our food and drinking habits which affect our body heavily. In this era where time is money and digitalization is the new rule, we are all slaves of time and hence fast food and junk food has become a part and parcel of our daily food routine. Thus, detox is necessary!

Remember those days when we all used to wait for summer vacations to go to someplace or plan a trip, to refresh and be ready to work again? That is a detox for the mind and heart, but for our body to detox and cleanse we have to push ourselves to detoxify it! There were times when people used to eat fruits the entire day to detoxify their bodies which eventually helped them improve their health. The emergence of fast food and ready-made options filled with preservatives have pushed people to resort to unhealthy food habits that are making them fall sick more often than not. Smoothies and especially detox smoothies not only help to detoxify the body but also pump up our energy.

Detox is often misinterpreted as something to push out the alcohol and othersubstances from the body but it is actually to remove toxins and harmful substances that do not affect us directly but act as slow poison! In order to live a healthy life, one needs’ to make smoothies a part of their daily routine and need to include detox smoothies at least once a month that will do good to our body and soul. Changing our entire lifestyle is hard but a good habit can bring a lot of change in the long run. It’s high time that we make smoothies a part of our everyday diet and eat healthily.

Drunken Monkey has detox smoothies that help detoxify the body! The monkey has a one-day detox plan that helps us be super healthy and energetic! Drink an “Eternal Sunshine” or a “Beach Body” since the summer has just kicked in and we all love the beaches, don’t we?

We don't understand what the body needs until we feed it with all real & essential nutrients. Sometimes it’s necessary to take shelter with the natural ingredients rather than being submissive to artificial alternatives and preservative filled food & drinks! Why not drink a smoothie to end your craving? After all, detox smoothie can do much more good to your body and soul than what junk food can do to your cravings.

The Drunken Monkey awaits you to come and sip a smoothie, to laugh, chill and stay naturally high!


• Smooth criminal

Lime and Cucumber blended with Mint.
This match is heavenly! lime with cucumber on the base and blended with mint will surely make you feel refreshed! As the name suggests, smooth criminal is hard to ignore!

• Eternal sunshine

Cucumber and lime perfectly balanced with apple.
As the name suggests, this will bring in the sunshine and make you feel energized! Cucumber and lime spread’s its magic as it is perfectly balanced with apple, spinach, and mint!

• Forbidden

Apple and lime blended with Avocado and mint.
Do not go by the name! This meal smoothie is a treasure trove in the list! Apple and lime blended with avocado and mint. This doesn't end here, it also contains a little bit of spinach and cucumber.

• Black magic

Black Grape and lime combined with Spinach and apple with a little amount of Mint.
As sexy as the name suggests! Black Magic will keep you hooked and maybe ask for another one! Combination of Black Grape and lime with Spinach and apple with a bit of mint will make you addicted to this smoothie!

• Full throttle

Beetroot and lime blended with Spinach and Cucumber blended with Avocado and Mint.
Start your day with full throttle and stay active the whole day! With beetroot and lime combined with green grape and cucumber, your day will be great than the usual!

• U kill, I kill

Spinach, lime blended with mint and cucumber with a dash of pineapple.
Running late? We got it covered for you! Spinach and lime blended with mint with cucumber in the base and a dash of pineapple makes this meal smoothie brutal as it kills all your hunger right on point!

• Beach body

Pineapple and lime blended with carrot and kiwi.
Be in love with the shape of your body! This meal will provide you with all the nutrients that you deserve! Pineapple and lime blended with carrot and kiwi in the base will become your favourite meal smoothie

• Superfood

Avocado blended with lime and cucumber with apple blended with the mint.
Superfood will give you super strength! Avocado with lime perfectly blends with cucumber along with apple and mint is the drink you need every morning to fight all the laziness!

• Shot glass

Green Grapes and lime blended tagging Pineapple plus apple with avocado and mint.
Every sip will make you Naturally high! Green Grapes, Pineapple and apple with lime makes this smoothie irresistible! What it makes it even better is that it contains a little amount of Avocado and mint as well! Give this smoothie a shot!

• Mirror mirror

Carrot and lime blended Apple and Pineapple make the best combination.
Mirror Mirror, who is the fittest of all! Carrot and lime take’s the lead whereas Apple and Pineapple blend to serve you the best flavour to cheer you up!

You can get your detox pack!
Single detox smoothie for 139/-
4 pack half-day detox smoothies for 499/- (Half day deep cleanse)
Consume a detox every 2 hours

i. Smooth criminal (or)
i. Smooth criminal
ii. Beach body ii. U kill, I kill
iii. Mirror mirror iii. Beach body
iv. Eternal sunshine iv. Full throttle

8 pack full-day detox smoothies for 990/- (Full day deep cleanse)
Consume a detox every 2 hours

i. Wake up drink: Smooth Criminal
ii. Breakfast: eternal sunshine
iii. Pre-lunch: forbidden
iv. Lunch: black magic/full throttle
v. Post-lunch: u kill, I kill
vi. Evening: beach body
vii. Pre-dinner: super food/shot glass
viii. Dinner: mirror mirror

Note: Sometimes, making certain lifestyle choices can leave you feeling a little isolated. But It’s never too early or too late to work towards being the healthier you. Our detox smoothies are a small way to connect healthy lifestyle.

*All our detox smoothies are vegan by default.

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