It’s The Ocean That Makes an Island

The Monkey General

You live in this stunning island; in a lovely hut besides the beach with fine golden sand and bright blue water. You have dreamt of this as a kid, and such dreams are always enthusing.

In the evenings you gaze into the deep ocean. Every day you stare at this tiny speck of an island. You keep wondering, day in and day out about how things look like from up there.

You have dreamt of the place you live in as a kid, and dreams are always exciting. But is living your dream equally stimulating? You have been living that dream for few years now, its reality now.

One you are there, does reality still excite you? Do you like your everyday? Are you excited about your every breath? Are you enthusiastic about your every breakfast, lunch and dinner? You certainly are not. The unknown drives you. Where is the mystery in your present? You like feeling the firsts. The firsts you experience with a lot of ecstasy. It’s the thrill of the unknown. Not being sure if you are playing with fire or water, makes life exhilarating.

You set out on your small boat and start rowing. Your destination is far away, and you are unaware of what to expect. It is a long shot. But worst case you still get a good work out, going up and down. Once you reach you anchor your boat and embark on to this unfamiliar land. You tell yourself that this is an experience and not an expectation. You remind yourself not to be disappointed with what you might come across on this island as the decision to be here was your choice.

This island is distinctive, the climate is different, the vegetation is unique to this place and even the water is green and not blue. But you are the same; the onus is on you to get comfortable in this new land. Sparks of excitement light up your mind as you explore this unfamiliar territory. You realize it’s not as easy to swim in the sea as in your old island; you don’t now the currents here or the rocks. But this mystery is what is giving you the high now. You rather fight for nothing, rather than do nothing for everything. You always like to play your games because you are fascinated by the chance of losing and failure.

You don’t think too much initially, a couple of days have passed. The island has not treated you badly but you have a lot to discover. You don’t like going back without giving it your all. You are ready to take your chances. Things start lighting up on the third day. You start understanding that every island has its own inert beauty. There are thorns and roses along the way, it’s up to you whether you recognize them and know to use the roses for your heart and the thorns for your defence. This requires a deeper understanding of you and your surroundings. You might think that it is easier in a known territory but you need to understand that the territory is just your battlefield and you are the weapon. New surroundings make you understand yourself better. The only way your weapons become stronger is by exposing them to newer and diverse battlefields. They bring out aspects of you, which you never knew existed. Adaptability of your mind is as important as sharpening a sword.

You have got an answer. But you don’t know the question. How many times does this happen to you? Are you sure about what you are doing? Who cares all you think is you have one life and you rather die trying to explore yourself and your battlefields rather than living like statues in museums, and being satisfied with second handed admiration. So you get back to your island and say a final good bye, pick up your stuff and embark upon this journey.

The moment you leave your heart gets lighter, you feel reborn, with a new world of possibilities ahead. You are no longer driving on this highway, which is a straight road for the next 500 miles. You have left behind a stunning island, a beautiful hut, a beautiful beach with fine golden sand and bright blue water. You might never return back and even you feel like one day, you may never be welcome. But that is the risk you are ready to take, you are sure that there is more to life that what you once considered beautiful.

You have changed over the years and there is nothing wrong in changing. What is wrong is not accepting the fact that you have changed and refusing to do something about it? You feel you have taken a step in acknowledging your change and that feeling satisfies you.

To your surprise you are exceedingly happy in your newfound island. You feel like a child who has just learnt to walk. You are free to move around wherever you wish, and can now touch what you like and feel what you want. Your new island identifies you, as you are now and not as you were long ago, and that makes a difference. You slowly understand the currents and the rocks. You are now familiar with the terrain and the vegetation. You are totally amazed by the pace at which this island has become your home. You feel like never before and experience things you never have. You are having the time of your life. You discover so much in a month that would have normally taken a year.

You are sometimes blinded by your happiness but you don’t care. You like to get naked and just stare at the vastness of the ocean with the island behind you. This new sensation makes life feel stimulating. The best part is when you feel - that the island welcomes you and is delighted to let you stay.

A month has passed and the feeling finally sinks in and you have your new home…

Dreams come true? Dreams become a reality? Does reality still excite you? So now what?

To be continued………………………..

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