Smoothie or Milkshake: What to or not to drink?

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When I was a younger (baby!) monkey, I loved the taste of chilled Chocolate Milkshakes, even the fruit inspired varieties like Mango Milkshakes. The best ones were those that had additional ingredients like Oreo cookie crumbles or ice cream scoops in it. Gosh, those were the days...the yum days of yore!

Back then, it was pretty difficult for us as monkeys to get hold of a regular supply of Shakes. But then, the years passed and this whole “Being Natural”-“Being Healthy”-Vegan-ism-No Gluten-trend took over. While monkeys (like me!) and many other jungle creatures have often been content feasting on natural fruits and vegetables, it’s funny to see how human beings (who according to us are supposedly so much more advanced!) have picked up on this trend only off late.

Fruits and vegetables provide some of the main must-have nutritional elements. Furthermore, a regular intake of them can give you all-round health benefits. Yet, we (mainly you guys, not me!) just don’t seem to gorge enough on fresh fruits and vegetables.

Indulge in Nature’s Gifts more Often

How often have you spared a moment to appreciate the natural taste, varieties (and colours too!) of the fresh fruits and vegetables around you?

If you’ve loved milkshakes but are confused as to whether to order a smoothie instead for your next tea break, then you should know the basic difference between smoothies and milkshakes.

First rule of thumb:

- The core difference between a smoothie and milkshake lies in what goes into it.

- Milkshakes, like the name suggests, include dairy. Milkshakes have milk/ice cream as its base (or primary ingredient). Smoothies don’t necessarily include dairy. The primary ingredient in a smoothie is the pulp of a fruit or vegetable.Need to change this line as some smoothies do have milk, ice cream

- A smoothie will be made using natural fruits, related ingredients and maybe yogurt, if at all.

- Need to change this line as some smoothies with nuts, banana, avocado will also have creamy texture

So when it comes to the question of what to drink between the two, what should you do?

Here’s a little secret- I wouldn’t say one is better than the other!

A Milkshake can serve some benefits while a smoothie can take care of a host of others.

If you’re still confused between the two, here are a few thought-provoking triggers to help you decide what to drink or not to drink:

Health Benefits or Great Taste or Combination of both: What are you looking for?
Every fruit serves some sort of health benefit. If you’re looking for some healthier food options or supplements, it might make sense to pick a smoothie over a milkshake. Different fruits cater to different health needs and you can never go wrong with a smoothie because of the sweet taste of fruits in it!

Where are you drinking it?
Pick a milkshake if you’re going to be able to take a (long!) name after having one ‘cause you’re most likely going to feel restless and heavy after drinking it. But if you’re at work and need to be alert (and not sleepy!) through the day, then a smoothie might serve your purpose better than a milkshake.

A milkshake, due to its higher dairy content will be heavier to digest and might make you drowsy.

Are you vegan?
If you follow the vegan movement and are dead no against anything dairy, then of course, it’s always wiser to consume an (eco-friendlier!) smoothie instead. Just be sure to order one without any dairy content in it.

What is your objective?
When I get hungry for a snack and ask my human caretaker to get me a pizza, its cause I have this severe craving for it at that moment. This can happen when trying to decide between a smoothie and milkshake too! If your gut is prompting you, go for what it tells you to have!

Do you need an instant energy boost?
If you are looking for something that will give you an instant energy boost, one that also hydrates you, smoothies are the way to go! If you’re just craving the taste of a heavy cream flavoured drink (the way you crave coffee sometimes), then you may as well go in for a milkshake!

They used to say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Not sure whether that really works or not, but for my family and me, having bananas everyday sure does help keep us healthy! Milkshakes include milk and too much intake by guys like you means less for the animal kingdom.

If you’re looking for a healthy drink as an alternative to beverages like coffee and tea or if you’re trying to be environmentally conscious, then I would have to say that it’s better to avoid milkshakes and stick to smoothies all the time.

What do you think? What would you rather go for?
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