The Monkey has a lot to say

The Monkey

Guys (and girls!), Ladies, Gentlemen, especially monkeys everywhere... we have something exciting to share today!

The Monkey has just been given a dedicated space for him to openly write about the many different things that are always on his mind. Better still, he can now use this space to share all these thoughts with you!

Why did The Monkey get a blog?
The Monkey loves being naturally high...an emotion all of us tend to support too! This feeling of being high all the time always leads to explicit thoughts...and it kind of seemed like a waste that he wasn’t already sharing what was on his monkey mind (instead of just monkeying around) with all the rest of us considering that there is always so much going on all around us. For instance, the recent Kerala floods, the Petrol and Diesel price hike (its crossed 90 rupees in some cities! OMG), proof that there might have once been rivers on Mars (this increases the hope of life up there!) and his (The Monkey’s of course!) horoscope saying he’s going to start something new soon. (Yes, even Monkeys have horoscopes; don’t forget you were once one too!).

There are also things like the receding monsoons and the end of Ganesh Chaturthi to mourn over, but none of these are things that a smoothie by The Monkey can’t instantly fix! (Btw, don’t mistake us for a quick fix because of this statement!)

It’s for all this (and more) that The Monkey got a blog...

What’s the best thing about all of this?
The Monkey is looking forward to sharing his opinion on everything that matters to him (and he wants to know your opinion on a bunch of things too!). But Monkey’s main aim is to keep up the banter over a smoothie or two or maybe even to have a chat with you sometime. Are you up for it? Give him a shout on______ if you are!

What can you expect to read about in this NEW Drunken Monkey blog space?
-Exciting things on our range of smoothies
-Interesting (and healthy!) ways to stay naturally high
-Things that matter, to us, to me, to other Monkeys...
-Our problem with pollution, waste and especially plastic
-Thrilling recipe exchanges
-Guest posts from fellow thinkers and bloggers, just like YOU! (Have some patience, The Monkey will get to the details of how you can contribute after a bit)

We are soo excited to be having The Drunken Monkey write here! Drunken Monkeys don’t usually get an opportunity like this! (We think he should be more thankful, but you know monkeys...)

With so much always happening around us, and with so many things to do, the best thing for you to do now is to take the time to sit back and observe (with no judgement!), stay tuned to this space and curl up with a good book and chilled smoothie by The Drunken Monkey.

Cheers to being Naturally High!

Oh and Cheers to him!

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