In times of the fast paced, highly technology driven lives, 'The Drunken Monkey' wishes to revisit some fundamental and basic human stimulations. Striving to take us back to an age where face-to- face conversations are the norm and not messages, and where board games rule and not touch screens, ‘The Monkey’ hopes to find a greater connotation in everything we do. The Monkey is definitely not a teetotaller, but certainly knows to stay high on fresh fruit smoothies. Always serving up something very healthy yet awesomely tasty, come over and give it a try, am sure you’ll leave happy high.

I’ve harnessed the skill of staying high; yet have never experienced any knida hangover. I have mixed drinks about feelings. And here I am; the advisor, tutor cum coach to my tribe. They better live up to my expectations and deliver those utopian experiences. ‘The Monkey’ is who I am, a wanderer at heart.. I’ve travelled the world and tried many a thing, like even ordering french toast during the revolution for a fling. My quest for eternal bliss and enlightment never ends. But there is a quite some stuff I’ve yet to figure out. I take about 20 failed selfies before nailing a good one.. And by the way, I am still waiting for the day when I would need ‘cos2(t) + sin2(t) = 1’ in real life.... however, do not read the next sentence.

....naaaaa.... You little rebel, I like you!!!.. But first smoothie please...!!!