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In times of the fast-paced, highly technology-driven lives, 'The Drunken Monkey' wishes to revisit some fundamental and basic human stimulations. Striving to take us back to an age where face-to-face conversations were the norm and not any emoticons and where board games rule and not touch screens, ‘The Monkey’ hopes to find a greater connotation in everything we do. The Monkey is definitely not a teetotaller but certainly knows to stay high on fresh fruit smoothies. It's an exciting time for Natural and Healthy Smoothies and Smoothie Bowls.

Himalayan sages whisper about my time in the mountains. Some 30 divine years, losing track of time enthralled in the enlightenment of the subconscious. But, don’t believe a word of claims that, am no monkey and my body is just a form. “I am totally me. And I love it.”


Earth is our inspiration and we bring you the best of her produce, fresh, locally grown, and full of goodness in the form of smoothies. Drunken Monkey offers over 200 types of Smoothies and Smoothie Bowls made from specially blended combinations of fruits like fresh tropical watermelon to exotic dragon fruits, from healthy green spinach to juicy kiwis, from dry fruits like figs, dates to nuts like cashews, almonds and hazelnuts. These smoothies are further enhanced with healthy seasonings like sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia and basil seeds. All the monkey blends are completely natural and fresh with zero addition of any artificial flavors or sugar or preservatives or any kind of concentrates.

The monkey believes that nature has a lot to offer to us and strives in creating unique and delicious smoothie blends that are both functional and fun-ranging from detox to meal replacements, from hydrators to protein smoothies, and from healthy veggie smoothies to hangover warriors. Every single smoothie at drunken monkey is specially crafted with precision and love, delivering you a perfectly blended smoothie which is delicious, yummy and of great nutritional value. Every sip leaves you feeling light, happy and ' naturally high' , and the only secret to it is simple and straightforward - embrace life, embrace nature and 'stay naturally high’.


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He comes from a long line of commandos who kicks up new and innovative ideas from nothing. Being an engineer, he travelled to the land of the Kangaroos and then decided it was time to get into the business. He then decided that he needed to take the next step so he travelled over the seas to the land of Scotch Whiskey to complete his business degree. The monkey was there jumping around on a mission to identify able Commandos for expediting the Project X. This is where The Monkey finally found his General. The Monkey sent him out to jump around the Jungle and understand the dynamics of the wild. This is where the Monkey and the General found a huge gap in the market for smoothies and fresh juices. After a year and a half of R&D, planning and refining, the “Drunken Monkey” was born. The Monkey wanted to bring back the days of yore, where the monkeys would interact with each other over a nice healthy smoothie rather than message or chat using the small idiot box which we carry around. With an aim to be the best, the monkey ordered the General to have the vision to be the Big Kahuna of smoothies in the entire jungle. This monkey General is key to conquering new lands and taming thick and dangerous forests. So if the monkey needs to enter your lands, better get to know the general.


The Monkey needed a Commander in Chief, a leader who could lead and inspire the monkey tribe. This is where Kamal comes in. He is known for building high-performance teams that can work with the same passion that he brings to the jungle. The Monkey Chief brings his expertise in retail best practices and processes, engaging insights on revenue generation, expansion, consumer behavior, excellent relationship building ability, and effective strategic thinking. After creating waves in the Fashion and Lifestyle industry, the Chief has joined the Monkey Tribe to spread the Smoothie Empire across the world!



In order to make everything stay focused towards a simple goal that is to inspire everyone internal and externally, the monkey needed the Jack of all trades! Entered Javin, The Executive Director. He has a knowledge of everything that goes on from the supply-chain to automation! You name it and he knows it! He has creative ideas that comes handy to any department that falls in short of ideas! It seems that the Jack of all trades was a much needed addition to the Monkey tribe!


The monkey found the commando who knows it all. This Commando is an engineer by nature and brings a touch of experience from the sands of the Sahara desert to this mix. His experience in the food industry just adds to his portfolio and makes him a valuable member of this team. He is the operations commando who jumps around the jungle to ensure that all you peeps out there get to taste what the monkey has to offer. The smoothie operator brings the monkey’s special concoctions, right to your doorstep.

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