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Drunken Monkey is India's largest and most successful smoothie brand. Started in 2016, today it reaches out to its ever growing customer base though its outlets across 30+ cities. Naturally High' being the tagline - health and wellness is always the mission of Drunken Monkey. Drunken Monkey boasts of the worlds' most extensive smoothie menu, offering over 200 types of smoothies and smoothie bowls. These are made from specially blended combinations of fruits - from fresh tropical watermelon to exotic dragon fruits, from healthygreen spinach to juicy kiwis, from dry fruits like figs, dates to nuts like cashews, almonds and hazelnuts.

The smoothies are further enhanced with healthy seasonings like sunflowerseeds, pumpkin seeds, chia and basil seeds. Earth is Drunken Monkey's inspiration, and it brings you the best of nature's produce -locally grown, fresh and full of goodness, in the form of smoothies and smoothie bowls. Drunken Monkey believes in creating unique and delicious smoothies that are both functional and fun. By connecting people to locally grown seasonal produce, the monkey encourages healthier habits and livelier communities.

‘older, wiser yet sillier’

‘its mad, its magic - just high on life’

'everything you need is already in you'


'dance to the beat of your dreams'

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