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Samrat Reddy - FOUNDER

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A self-confessed adventure addict, Samrat has always been first in line to get things going, whether it is work or play. In fact, for him there is no difference between work and play! He takes his job just as seriously as he takes his sport. A basketball player, a cricketer and an advanced scuba diver!! He believes that team sports are a great way to build strong work ethics and spirit. He is also a trained hatha yoga teacher.

After acquiring an engineering degree, Samrat worked in Australia for a while before completing his MBA in Scotland. As a serial entrepreneur, he started a 3D Animation firm ‘Hestia Studios’ in 2008. Post which he was involved in multiple businesses spread across various fields, including a PEB steel plat ‘DELTA’, an oil drilling company in Tulsa, USA, and also ventured into leather manufacturing, architecture & construction, and as well as media production. In 2016, after a year and a half of R&D, planning and refining, the “Drunken Monkey” was born with a vision to inspire people to feel beautiful, young and full of energy by adopting a Naturally High way of life is what kick started the country’s largest smoothie chain in the making.


Our very experienced Executive Director, with a robust background spanning retail, food and beverage industries, adept in sales, and business development. Proven track record in steering organizational growth and profitability through strategic planning and effective leadership. Skilled in optimizing operations, enhancing customer experiences, and driving revenue generation initiatives. Strong communicator and collaborator, adept at fostering productive relationships with stakeholders, teams, and external partners. Committed to operational excellence, innovation, and achieving sustainable business objectives. Known for leveraging market insights and trends to implement forward-thinking strategies that deliver tangible results.

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An MBA graduate renowned for building high-performance teams, he brings in an  unparalleled expertise in retail best practices, consumer behavior, and strategic relationship management. After groundbreaking achievements in the fashion and lifestyle industry, he joined Drunken Monkey to spearhead its global expansion and establish it as a dominant force worldwide.


With a wealth of expertise in supply chain management and automation, Javin plays a pivotal role in driving innovation and efficiency across our organization. His ability to seamlessly navigate through complex challenges and offer creative solutions has proven to be indispensable in advancing our organizational goals. Javin's multifaceted knowledge and dedication serve as a cornerstone for our collective success, inspiring both internal teams and external stakeholders alike.



A skilled engineer with a rich and varied background. His extensive experience in the food industry and diverse sectors makes him an invaluable asset to our team. As a key leader, he oversees operations and drives innovation, ensuring our unique offerings reach our valued customers. Dedicated to excellence, he ensures that our special smoothie creations are delivered right to you for an exceptional experience.

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