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‘The Monkey' is who I am, a wanderer at heart. They call me other stuff too, a jedi , a monk,and a few not so pleasant ones. Never got to school but travelled my share across far away lands and oceans. Transgressed through time too, shooting some breeze with some ancient civilizations. Centuries passed, but never grew old, just wiser and sillier. Wiser withtime, and sillier as ‘nothing really matters’!!


I’ve experienced some crazy highs along the way. The best ones still sending a chill up myspine. Like surfing alongside the whales in the Pacific, with shimmering white monsterwaves pounding on my naked face and the sun rays drumming on my not so golden skin!Fell a thousand times, stead only a couple. But who cares. It’s fun. "Feelings...Feelings muchlike those waves. We can't control them, but can absolutely pick which ones to surf.” Never had much luck with the better sex. Tried a thing or two,like even ordering French toast for a fling during the French revolution. Didn't go too well. Fell in a pickle,hurt a little. Well,maybe I'm the kind who can never settle. Himalayan sages whisper about my unfruitful time in the mountains. Some 30 divine years,losing track of time in search of some weird ‘enlightenment of the subconscious. Actually,don't really know what that means.

And don't believe me, if I claim that, ‘I am no monkey and my body is just a form’. "I am totally me. And I love it.” Just can't’ help it. There’s a lot of stuff, am yet to figure out. I take about 20 failed selfies before nailing a good one. And by the way,I am still waiting for the day when I would need 'cos²θ + sin²θ = 1' in real life. Finally, after centuries of soul searching, found some purpose, some kind of a mission. And what's that! It is about us, getting hooked on, to that one thing which is already in us. Being naturally high, just high on life, on nature, on happiness, on everything around us. Grabbing each moment and living the hell out of it.

Feeling every moment. Really feeling it in a way that's never been felt before. We'll know it when we get there. It's when there's no past or present, and nothing in between us and that spectacular moment. Breathe it in.Live it truly and fully. Because when you're naturally high, you're inspired and in themoment. No other way to put it. Here I am, now!! I've harnessed the skill of staying high; yet have never experienced anykind of hangover. I have mixed drinks about feelings. My quest for eternal bliss and enlightenment never ends.

'Drunken Monkey' is just one small piece of the bigger puzzle of 'Naturally High' -“taking us back to the days when fruits were real and part of our day. And food didn't come with warnings of calories and fat. Everything was simple and good, because that's how earth was given to us. As simple as 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'. This is just the beginning,and any start is indeed a good start.”

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